In-Person and Distance Reiki Energy Healing Session


 "Rei" means God's wisdom or higher power. "Ki" is the life force energy. When combined, Reiki is the spiritually guided life force energy, aka God's healing energy!

There’s a general misconception about what Reiki is for. Many people seem to believe it’s there for when they have a physical ailment such as a bad back, hip pain or some such ailment. Reiki is used on those sort of things but that’s a really narrow view of how it works and what it works on.

The vast majority of sessions are about clearing blocks, blocks to health, blocks to relationships, blocks to progress. Blocks to the flow of energy through and around us which prevent us from feeling well because we’re backed up and energetically congested. Blocks that stop us from making decisions because of old traumas we haven’t dealt with that are paralyzing us with fear, preventing progress in our career and destroying any hope of relationships. 

These are the things that affect us the most and often the physical ailment is actually a physical manifestation of an energetic problem. We all have energetic blocks to some degree, such as old trauma, heaps of baggage and those things that trigger us into damaging reactions, sitting around having a negative effect, not being dealt with and governing our lives. I know this because I’m no different. I have also experienced things from the past that have had these painful results. But let me tell you, the fear and pain can be cleared and the old trauma removed. 

I will find what needs to be healed and we will do it together. Healing is empowering! If you show up with a willingness and an open heart and mind we can create shifts, healing and balance. 

I believe from the deepest part of my heart that healing yourself heals your family, community, and inevitably helps heal our planet. 

Every soul is welcome. 

The Benefits:

Reduces stress, promotes physical healing, pain management, spiritual growth, dissolves energy blocks, clears the mind and helps you feel grounded, promotes better sleep, improves your immune system and self healing abilities, releases old emotional stories and past life trauma.